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"Onyx Wolves 4-4-2 HD Right" Warsong Gulch strategy

This strategy is based on the idea that a well-placed defensive hunter - and his pet -  are essentially stronger than 2 units of equal level. It is used to:
  • Maximize offensive power while leaving sufficient defense at the base.
  • Avoid midfield skirmishing.
  • Keep groups together.
  • Focus more on winning and less on "HK-farming"

Three Groups:

    Group 1 - (2 units)   Battleground Leader (Hunter), Assistant Hunter, and their pets
    Group 2 - (4 units)   Flag Carrier (Druid), 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 random
    Group 3 - (4 units)  1 hunter, 3 random


Group 1 makes their pets 'stay' inside shrouded compartment of the throne room, then heads to the roof. Pets should be set to "Aggressive"
Groups 2 and 3 advance, moving along the right side (east) of the map.


Group 1 stops at the corner of the roof nearest the flag.

Battleground Leader

  • Fires a flare near the flag, repeats as necessary.
  • Tracks Humanoids.
  • Uses Aspect of the Hawk
Assistant Hunter
  • Fires a flare at the entryway to the rooftop, repeats as necessary.
  • Tracks Hidden.
  • Uses Aspect of the Monkey
Groups 2 and 3 continue advancing northeast until they reach the ramp, staying as close together as possible


Group 1
defends the Horde flag.
  • Battleground Leader watches for intruders near the tunnel and ramp.
  • Assistant Hunter watches for rogues and other stealth units on the rooftop.
Enemy sighting.
  • Pets automatically attack all enemies on sight if set to 'aggressive'.
  • Hunters turn on Aspect of Hawk and fire at enemies from above.
  • One hunter uses "volley" near the flag.
Enemy Flag Carrier
  • Pets are commanded to attack the enemy flag carrier.
  • Hunters hit enemy flag carrier with arcane shot and concussive shot, and jump down to the lower level(s).
Mop up and reset
  • Hunters and pets kill off all invaders, starting with the weakest (lowest health)
  • Battleground Leader returns the Horde Flag
  • Pets automatically return to the shrouded compartment. Hunters return to roof.

Groups 2 and 3 storm the alliance base
  • Tank clears initial defenses
  • Flag Carrier takes the flag
  • Healer heals Flag Carrier
  • Group 3 kills remaining defenders.


Group 1 defends the Horde flag.

Group 2 brings the Alliance flag to the horde base.

Group 3 tracks down the Horde flag if it is picked up.


Utility mode is activated when:
  • The horde flag is taken outside the horde base
  • The horde goes ahead two flags to none
Under utility mode, Group 1's primary objective is to return the horde flag. Their secondary objective is to help the flag carrier bring the alliance flag to the horde base.

If the horde flag is returned and the alliance flag is picked up, Group 1 helps bring the alliance flag to the horde base. Otherwise, they return to their defensive positions.


If both flags are captured and safely behind respective enemy lines, the original groups are disregarded:

Group 1 -  Flag Carrier, 1 Healer, 2 random
Group 2 - all the rest

Group 1 defends the flag carrier
Group 2 retrieves the horde flag

Under this circumstance, hunters are more useful on offense than defense.
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